Hello. I am really excited to share today’s recipe with you for one of my favorite Peruvian finger foods. I am referring to Peruvian style wonton (or wanton) cheese fingers or what we call “tequeños”. Personally I love them, in fact I have no self control when they are close to me. I also have a small surprise for you in the recipe video. I am very nervous about it and I really hope you like the recipe. Español aquí.

A funny thing about these cheesy treats is that although they are very popular throughout Latin America, they originate from Venezuela. Apparently they were invented in Los Teques, at the vacation home of the affluent families from Caracas. For us is a very common finger food you can have while entertaining guests, although they are also enjoyed as entrees. Either way you have them, they are delicious!

200 grs. of fresh white cow cheese or any other cheese that melts
250 grs. of wonton pasta – I used a pack of 500 grs.of wanton pasta
01 scrambled egg

Cut the cheese into slices. Place the cheese in the center of a wonton.

Moisten the edges with the egg. Roll it up. It is recommended not to close the tips so that it cooks better.


Heat a pan with oil. Place in the pan.

Let it brown and flip over.


Serve with a sauce. It goes very well with guacamole or Peruvian Huancaina sauce.

Serves 4 people a finger food.