Thursday, November 16, 2017

Blue Power Suit

I remember power suits being a big thing in the 80’s. I loved Melanie Griffith in Working girl. But I think my love of suits and ties comes from wanted to dress like my dad as a little girl. I “borrowed” his ties as a teenager, unable to tie them on my own and using them as belts. Of course I also wanted his briefcase. Español aquí.

Things are looking up now and I finally have a suit and tie of my own. As a petite woman, I like these pieces to be fitted. I look for brands that favor petite frames. My last game changer is having all of my blazer sleeves hemmed. I trusted my tailor with this because I’ve known him for years. I’m definitely glad that I don’t have to fold all of my sleeves. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Recipe: Quinoa pudding (Arroz con leche)

Hi there, do you remember me? I am very happy to share this post with you. Today's recipe is very special for me because I made it for the first time for my Cookpad Peru friends during their visit to Lima this year for our national holiday. It was a very nice experience that I took a while to share with you. Thank you very much for your warm reception and that enthusiasm to motivate us to share recipes from our hearts. Español aquí.

I love this recipe even more because it tastes like family. At least in my case. I made it again more recently for visit my visiting grandmother and my uncle Kike. Family should always be celebrated and it was very special for me to share this treat with them. I hope that you enjoy this recipe too and that you can also share warm and sweet moments with your loved ones.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Five tips for a successful bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are fun and special. They celebrate your friendship and affection towards the bride. This year a very close highschool friend of mine asked me to be her maid of honor and I organized a bachelorette party for the second time in my life. Today’s post shares five tips for a successful bachelorette party from these experiences. I hope you like it! Español aquí.

Regardless of the fact that I am by no means an expert in relationships or weddings, it only seems fair to pass down this knowledge that I have gained twice fold. The first time it was for my older sister and, the second, for my great friend. Here is what I picke up. I hope it helps.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Laid back: sweater dress and white sneakers

As a petite woman who looks five (to ten) years younger, I spent a lot of time avoiding sneakers. I thought I was making it too easy for my haters. Until I saw a huge billboard of Giselle Bundchen in a gray dress and white sneakers. Suddenly the love I felt for my white high school sneakers came back to me. I started wearing sneakers outside of the gym again. There will always be haters. Español aquí.

I have a nice a nice memory of a chilly Friday night in a black sweater dress and white sneakers. Always monochromatic, I added a black puffer coat. Trivia fact, I’ve had this jacket since college (circa 2004). I like the silhouette of a snug and short sweater dress with white sneakers. I added red lips to ward off evil spirits.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How to pick a lunch menu spot

I share a lot of empathy with my peers about bringing food from home at work. We like home cooking, knowing how it was made and the money saved isn’t bad either. But we can’t all do it. For all the times I can’t bring lunch to the office, I spent some time thinking about how to eat something healthy. Español aquí.

I recently found a menu post that’s close to me that cooks like home. Not without before making some bad choices that included “chifas”, cevicherías and Creole menus of dubious origin that will remain anonymous. Here’s how I made my choice and hope you can find your own corner to enjoy as much as I do La Valeriana at Petit Thours Avenue. Español aquí.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Monochromatic beige

I've given it a lot of thought and I think I have Cher (Dressed Accordingly) to thank for teaching me how to wear turtleneck sweaters over buttoned shirts. I love lifting the collar of these blouses so that it stands out above the sweater neck. As you can see, this post brings us back to the monochromatic outfits, this time with a combination of neutral beiges. The tones, which resemble a nude palette, lengthen my petite silhouette. Español aquí.

My favorite pieces include this high waisted wool trouser which has a very classic cut. Its thick texture helps the shape prevail. I know this for sure because I have a second pair of wool trousers with a more flimsy texture. At times I wonder if this second pair brings real happiness to my life. I also like the blouse because of its floral print. Funny enough, both the pants and the blouse were bought on sales, at the end of their seasons some time ago. Gem finds.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yellow midi dress

As a petite woman, I spent most of my life thinking that I could only wear short dresses that lengthened my figure. But you should take a risk. Lately I enjoy wearing midi silhouettes that end on my calfs. A clear example is this yellow dress that I had made in resemblance to one that Selena Gomez wears like a second skin (Atea Oceanie). Selena is flawless. Español aquí.

If your curves are elegant and discreet, go for straight and slightly fitted silhouettes that will favor them. I like the contrast of the color yellow with my brunette skin. For now I’m trying out this dress with classic black heels, but andals would be best. I will start saving my pennies. Spring has officially begun in Lima, but its clearly symbolic. In my part of the world it won't be hot until 2018.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

#LaLigaSomosTodos: Fundraising idea for the office with food

I’m very excited to share this post with you for a fundraising idea for the office. One of the best practices I learned from my prior employment was participating in a food drive. As a part of an international company, the enterprise let each office choose a local charitable cause close to their heart for a donation. The trick was encouraging the workers to get involved by asking them to raise an amount that the company would pledge to meet. Spanish here.

Here is where the food comes in. Our local fundraising committee asked us to donate a breakfast or teatime snack, to be sold amongst ourselves for the cause. The initiative was so well received that a schedule was kept to control the donations. I remember having the most delicious chicharron sandwich ever. My own donation was an apple pie. Flash Forward to my current workplace where we are guarding a donation box for the Peruvian League Against Cancer through the month of September (#LaLigaSomosTodos).

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lil' break

Hi lovelies! I wanted to let you sweet readers know that I’ll be taking a few days off the blog to manage some personal stuff. It's a real challenge to have a day job and blog about all this fine and healthy eating at once. I will be back real soon, before you can say “super-foods”. Kisses. Español aquí.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Grey monochrome office outfit

I can’t stress my appreciation for monochrome outfits enough. I like an all grey silhouette for the office. Grey in general seems like a very elegant color to me, although I have to add color to my face with blush and lipstick because I often feel like a cadaver. The top is actually a sweater dress I tucked under my skirt. I wish I had grey heels to complete the outfit, but I had to make do with nude stilettos. I feel like wearing all neutral tones makes my petite frame look longer. Español aquí.

This grey monochrome outfit is special to me for so many reasons. To start off, my mom made me this pencil skirt as a birthday present. I’ve long admired her classic elegance while growing up so when she offered to take my measurements I was all in. Of course I was doubtful about the over the knee length of it, but somehow it’s grown on me. My grey coat is also a present from her. And can we talk about my grey knit pompom necklace? I got it from an artisanal market in Cusco and it cost 5 peruvian soles.