Breakfast is one of my favorite rituals. I don’t always have time for it. But when I can, I really enjoy sitting at the table with a cup of tea and a bowl of good things to eat. I’m still trying to eat quinoa with everything. This time, here is a post for bringing together a simple quinoa breakfast bowl. Español aquí.

There is something very relaxed about breakfast bowls and that is that you can generally combine them as you best choose. In this case, the base is quinoa. Do you remember how easy it was to prepare it with all the other Andean superfoods? I chose strawberries for this post because they were in season and I love the sweet taste of honey. How do you enjoy your breakfast?

½ cup of cooked quinoa. For the recipe, visit here.
½ cup of natural yogurt, or your prefered flavour
Chopped fruit, to taste
Dried fruit, to taste
Honey, to taste

Serve quinoa in a bowl. For the preparation, look here.

Pour on yogurt.

Add chopped fruit.

And dried fruit.

Sweeten with honey.

Enjoy it as a fast breakfast in the morning or whenever you want it.

Makes 1 serving.