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One minute in Pucallpa

This year hit me like a water balloon during carnivals in Lima, circa 1990’s. I quietly changed jobs at the end of 2017 and I feel like I’ve been in transition ever since. Work was very demanding and I wasn’t able to post. I also fell in a tub, but that’s another story. I was a little sad, missing these posts. Español aquí.

But life remains beautiful, or at least it does in Pucallpa city on the Amazonian region of Peru. Here is a short video sharing my brief weekend visit to Pucallpa. Of course, I visited mainly for the animals. Dolphins to be specific. Peru’s Amazon region has beautiful pink and grey dolphins. I didn’t get too close, but you can see them at the end of the video… er… if you squint your eyes. Here is what else you can see. Read more

Brazilian Straightening with Italian Max: First Impressions

Today’s post goes to my friends with frizzy hair like me. Here is my first impression for a Brazilian straightening with the product Italian Max. I’ve been having straightening treatments done for some time now with different productos (and Groupon coupons), but I never remembered what I used how long it lasted. I wondered what was my best experience and I could not remember. Spanish here.

So I decided to write down what product I used and how long it lasted, and tell you all about it in a post. It’s also the first time I’m using the product Italian Max. I’m going to tell you know I got the treatment and what I think about it. I had the treatment done at the Lucrecia Black beauty salon. I recommend it, the place is nice and the attention is great. Read more

Breakfast quinoa

Breakfast is one of my favorite rituals. I don’t always have time for it. But when I can, I really enjoy sitting at the table with a cup of tea and a bowl of good things to eat. I’m still trying to eat quinoa with everything. This time, here is a post for bringing together a simple quinoa breakfast bowl. Español aquí.

There is something very relaxed about breakfast bowls and that is that you can generally combine them as you best choose. In this case, the base is quinoa. Do you remember how easy it was to prepare it with all the other Andean superfoods? I chose strawberries for this post because they were in season and I love the sweet taste of honey. How do you enjoy your breakfast? Read more

Happy holidays 2017!

Hello! I know I’ve been a little quiet lately because work (you know, the kind that pays the bills) has been very demanding. But I don’t want to end the year without thanking you all for letting me be a part of your lovely community. This year has been very different from what I expected, but we made it. May we have many more! Español aquí.

I wish you the warmest holiday wishes with your loved ones – no judging! Have lovely festivities! Read more

Recipe: Easy to make office tuna

I think a lot about food, as you may have noticed. For all the times that I can’t get my act together and figure out my work lunch plans, I turn to tuna in a can. With a little salt and lemon, it’s a delicious and quick lunch that you can make in the office. Español aquí.

I actually quite proud of my relationship with fish. As a child, I used to be very sensitive to the smell. “Please mommy no”, sounds familiar. I was a picky eater. But I’ve learned to enjoy foods that are good for me. Fish is very important for my list of foods that are good for me. Here is a quick walk through this recipe so that you can enjoy it too. Read more