Today’s post goes to my friends with frizzy hair like me. Here is my first impression for a Brazilian straightening with the product Italian Max. I’ve been having straightening treatments done for some time now with different productos (and Groupon coupons), but I never remembered what I used how long it lasted. I wondered what was my best experience and I could not remember. Spanish here.

So I decided to write down what product I used and how long it lasted, and tell you all about it in a post. It’s also the first time I’m using the product Italian Max. I’m going to tell you know I got the treatment and what I think about it. I had the treatment done at the Lucrecia Black beauty salon. I recommend it, the place is nice and the attention is great.

Before you get the treatment be aware that it takes one to two hours. Add three days in which you won’t be able to wash your hair. I’ll tell you more later in the post.

Salon treatment
First, they will wash your hair. I forgot to film this (oops).

Afterwards, they will untangle and dry it.

They will place the product on your hair and let it soak.

Then they will dry your hair and iron it again.

This is followed by a second wash. I also didn’t film this. After that, then they will dry and iron it for a last time.

Home treatment and results
After the salon treatment your hair is going to be very straight and manageable. Don’t wash it for three days. You have to keep it loose. Don’t tie it or leave any marking on it. Some recommend ironing it during this period, but I wasn’t asked to.

On the third day you can wash it with a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t have salt or sulphate. Use this shampoo and conditioner for your daily care and for the treatment to last.

Use a hair dryer after each wash so that the heat activates the smoothing effect. Use oils such as argan to protect your end from the dryer heat.

My natural hair is straight with a lot of volume. Because Lima is so humid, my hair gets very wild. I like this treatment because it helps me look neater and get ready faster in the morning.

My hair was straight and with controlled volume on my first week. So far I am very happy with the effect. I will give you an update of my full impression later on. I hope the effect will last 3 months.

Trivia fact: I previously tried the product Perlas de Caviar at another salon. They said its organic and that is has no formol. The straightening effect only lasted a month. I don’t recommend it if you want a long term investment.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me what you think. I’d love to read your comments. This post is not sponsored.