Today’s post is kind of embarrassing because it’s not even a recipe. It is more a craving. This is something I used to eat when I was a little girl at a children’s party, a cup gelatin with salty popcorn.

Antojo: Gelatina y canchita

This was never a natural mixture, the jello cups were served separately from the popcorn but you know strange kids can be and I am no exception. I think I ate this with my cousins and I think it was delicious. So here I am, reliving my childhood.

Your choice of Gelatin – I used Peruvian Universal brand gelatin, lemon-flavored and for 2 liters, with sugar
Pop corn – I made the loose corn with a pot, but you can skip the mess and make it by microwave

Prepare the gelatin by following the instructions on the package. In my case, I mixed the contents in a bowl with a liter of hot water. Then added four more cups of cool clean water. You can place in the refrigerator in separate bowls or in one big one.

When the gelatin is ready, you can make the popcorn. I ran out of oil before I began, so I used olive oil. I don’t recommend it and I think this should be plan #Z.

Antojo: Gelatina y canchita

Cover the pot with oil and corn. Use a small amount of corn, only until it covers the surface. Cover the pot with it’s lid. Cook over a medium-high heat.

Antojo: Gelatina y canchita

As soon as the corn begins to pop, lower the fire to a minimum. Wait until the corn reduces its popping. Turn off the stove shortly after this.

The first batch came out well and I burned the second burned 🙁

Antojo: Gelatina y canchita

Serve gelatin and cover with popcorn. You can make this for friends. I shared it with my parents while they filled out their crossword puzzle.

Like I mentioned, I’m almost embarresed of this recipe but if I don’t write it I will feel like I did nothing today.