Wouldn’t it be great if the weekend was longer than the weekdays. I sigh. Meanwhile, I’m very excited to share this week’s post for Peruvian style pork chicharrones. It can also be described as Braised and Fried Pork. However you call it, it’s a very filling breakfast we enjoy in Peru, mostly served within a bread bun and with fried slices of sweet potatoes and a sauce of onion rings bathed in lemon and salt. Español aquí.

This was the first time I made it (I made an Instagram promise). I used a pancetta pork cut and, for the video, ½ kilo of pork. Of course you can choose a leaner pork cut with less fat. I hope to try it again soon. Its very easy to make, but I didn’t label it with the “easy to make” recipes because cooking it in water took quite a long time. I can’t lie to you.

Sorry about the video quality, I hadn’t noticed the camera tilted and caught part of a furniture.. You don’t mind right? See you next time!

1 kg of pork, I used bacon
1 sprig of huacatay mint (optional)

Cut the meat into medium pieces.


Cook in water up to the surface of the meat.

Add a branch of spearmint.

Let the water be consumed.

Let it fry in the fat that is released from the meat. Add oil if desired.

Serve it in a bread bun with fried sweet potato slices and onion sauce.

Serves 8 portions.