I could fill a or two with book with ramblings about my life lessons. But for now I’ll leave you with five things I’ve re-learned after beginning a new job at 31. I’ll start by saying that being a newbie at this age is different. I’m not a youthful and bright eyed twenty something person anymore. But I’m never above learning. I am grateful for the blessings in my life and the people who surround me. Español aquí.

I hope these five short tips help you as they did me. I have a little over a month now, but I still come back to them to find some balance in my life. Making time for sports is my biggest challenge for now. ¡Here we go!

1. Watch and learn
The best advice I received was to get to know my surrounding during the first two weeks. It sounds simple enough, but as a fairly proactive and outspoken person, it was a challenge to curb my enthusiasm. It was a great tip. After two weeks of observation, I was able to make more meaningful contributions.

2. Plan out the things that make you go faster
Whether it’s your lunch, your outfit, or your route to work, planning out the little things can help you get to where you need faster. The times I made my lunch in advance, I had more time for other morning activities and of course I was healthier. Knowing what I was going to wear also helped me be ready on time. I’m a work in progress, but it’s a start.

3. Make friends
No man is an island, and I’m no exception. Get to know the people you work with in a respectful and professional way. You will probably spend most of your day with them and it will help break the ice and make for a better collaboration.

4. Plan out your time off
Peru has an eight hour a day work schedule which is seldom respected by companies, expanding it to about ten hours a day. This leaves little time for me time. Make the most of your time off by making plans for those things you want to do like take a course or see friends. You will have something to look forward to.

5. Dont neglect yourself
You are your most important asset so ensure you feel like your best self. In my case, I look my best when I feel my best. Feeling good means sleeping well and working out. I’m worth it, aren’t you?

Photos: Pixabay | Mucha Ale