I’ve been wanting to share this post about another life experience we all go through for some time now.Sometimes I feel like everyone is getting married and even though I have been to just a few weddings, they have all been very special to me. I can count my closest friends with my fingers and I feel very fortunate because we have very long and caring friendships. Español aquí.

But let’s talk about you. Congratulations! So you were asked you to be a maid of honor. Do you know what to should do now? In my mixed experience, being a maid of honor is so much more than wearing a pretty dress. Here are five tips to be the best maid of honor that has ever existed or at least to give it a try.

1. Provide moral support
Marriage is a very special moment for the bride which, we hope, only happens once. The brides I’ve met want all the pampering and considerations they deserve. That is why it is important to go with the flow the bride leads. “I understand” and “you’re right” are my keywords.

2. Get to work
Wedding planners are goddesses when it comes to organizing weddings, and many times they do all the hard work. But if the bride doesn’t hire their services, offer her help with the small tasks. Crafts are a fun excuse to get together and share the latest gossip. In my most recent experience, I accompanied my friend to shop, look at designs for invitations, and called for confirmations.

3. Respect what the bride asks for
Since the bride already has a vision for her marriage, probably since kindergarten, it’s best to accept what she asks for. Even if it means wearing an ugly dress. Cry on the inside, and find the best way to look good and still follow her wishes wishes because it’s her party and not yours.

4. Make friends with the other ladies
Weddings will be fun if you approach the other bridesmaids with an open attitude. Making friends is the best way to cope with all the events where you will continue to see the same guests. Optimistically, I have asked my friend to sit me next to Keanu Reeves.

5. Make your pennies count
All the activities surrounding a wedding can add up to quite a bit. Plan these activities with the bride with that in mind. Having the guests cash themselves out from the start can play against their participation in other activities. Consider an affordable bachelorette party and an affordable shower for the guests. Making a gift with a group of friends helps guests share the expense.