Last month I was really worried about how to recycle an energy-saving bulb. It happened when I got my first led bulb and the salesman told me how traditional bulbs contain mercury and they need to be disposed of properly. I was so worried that I called the Ministry of Environment of Peru. A nice man told me he’d find out where I could recycle them and call me back. It’s June and I’m still waiting. After also calling several environmentally friendly town halls, I found out that my own town is the only one with ‘electrical and electronic device’ disposal bins (RAEE in Spanish). I victoriously recycled my light bulb and my shoe box. Español aquí.

Today is World Environment Day. What are you doing for your environment? We don’t have to change the world today, although that is the goal. Start small. I try to reduce my garbage disposal. Less paper and bags. It’s all about sustainability. I learned this word when I worked in the mining industry and it’s really grown on me. Just like businesses must be sustainable, how about we make our environment sustainable too?

If you are in Lima, here is a list of things you can recycle and where you can drop them off in San Isidro. If you live in San Isidro, sign up so that they can pick up your recyclables once a week (for free). If you are outside of Lima, wouldn’t it be nice to talk with your neighbors about how you can manage your waste better? And if you are just hungry, don’t despair, this week’s recipe post is coming soon.

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Domestic oil
  • Tetrapacks
  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Batteries