We are patriotic today! For today’s post I want to share a recipe that is very special for me because it is one of those things that makes you you. I am referring to the cocktail known as pisco sour and one of the most traditional drinks for Peruvians. Here is how we make in this part of the world. Keep reading if you are thirsty. Español aquí.

I would love to tell you this recipe has been in my family for ages, but no one knew how to make it. I found this recipe online, it’s a very simple version with a 3-1-1 ratio. That is, 3 servings of pisco, 1 serving of syrup, and 1 serving of lemon juice. I like the recommendation to freeze the glasses before using.

Because of the nature of the drink (Peruvian style…), I recommend using Peruvian pisco. If are abroad, in say the US, pisco can be hard to find, but not impossible. I found pisco in Austin, Texas by looking online and calling the liquor store before going going to confirm that they had it. If the sellers do not have it, I have been offered other brandies or pisco of another nationality. But do not worry, “he who seeks beauty will find it”.

1 measure of lemon juice – I used ⅓ cup
1 measure of simple syrup – I used ⅓ cup
3 measures of pisco – I used 1 cup
1 egg white
5 – 6 ice cubes
3 – 4 drops of angostura bitter

Add the ingredients, except the angostura bitter. Crush them in the blender.

Serve. I recommend doing this in two parts to better distribute the foam between the glasses.

Add the drops of angostura bitter.


Makes 3 – 4 servings.